Global Gridiron will be built on a solid foundation of rock - rock 'n' roll that is. Our founder is a musician who is ready to donate proceeds from his music sales to building the most ambitious American Football Production Company the world has ever seen. The vision includes a year-round training facility, convention center, multi-media production unit and competition all in support of growing the game of American Football around the world. To show your support you can simply BUY some tracks offered below and the check-out system allows you to give substantially more than the standard one dollar per track if you really want to give us a boost. Type "GG" in the message box in the shopping cart and those funds will go to help us launch the Global Gridirion in the heart of the American South - thanks!

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Don't Take The Sixes
Gettysburg Address
Hail Atlantis
Hail Atlantis 2020
Hollywood Star
I Want To Live In A Dome
I Want To Live In A Dome (Pro Remaster)
Jesus Rock
Kingdom Tonight
Middle Of The Night/Nuclear Slingshot
Ode To The Chemtrail Pilots
Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent
Ow, A Bad Singer's Pony Rent (Extended Remix)
Patriot Radio
Patriots' Day
Raging Storm
Rock n Roll Rodeo
Shoot For The Stars
Take Me To Your Liter (Folk Version)
Take Me To Your Liter (Rock Version)
The Red Road
Those Days
Wake Up
White Buffalo
You Can't Push Over A Standing Rock

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