From the Desk of the Global Gridiron:
Now Forming the World's First True International League of American Football

Nashville musician and sports entrepreneur Rockin' Rich Lynch has a dream - to launch and develop the world's first truly international league of American Football that will showcase emerging talent and athleticism from around the world.

"This is something I've thought about day and night for over ten years," the songwriter said from his home base in Music City. "Trust me, I realize the absurdity and outlandish nature of this proposal. But, I've finally hit upon a way to actually get the ball rolling so to speak."

Lynch is calling on all fans of alternative football to join him in his efforts through the simple act of supporting his music through the purchase of one or more digital downloads from his impressive catalog of music.

Rockin' Rich began his recording career in 2014 at the start of the streaming era. Serious about the effort he moved from New Jersey to Nashville to hone his eclectic classic rock singer songwriter style. Undaunted by the ever-changing music industry he has since released over two-dozen substantive tracks made available to the masses through a variety of online vendors.

"People really aren't buying music anymore - so that's a second strike against me," the rocker added about the current state of the music industry. "However, I only need several hundred thousand digital downloads to kick this thing off properly and I know there are football fanatics around the planet who would love to see a worldwide league. So, this is my Hail Mary pass to help give them what they want."

Lynch plans to fund a staff and physical office in early 2020 on the strength of song sales to further develop a world league he has dubbed the Global Gridirion. His innovative and exciting business plan will allow him and the organization to showcase the continuing growth of the beloved game around the world.

"Again, I am very aware that this seems like a delusional dream," Lynch said in defense of the sporting equivalent of the moon shot. "But a great mind once said 'if you build it they will come' and we are putting the adage of 'conceive, believe and achieve' into action. We just need some music lovers and big league dreamers to help us take the field."

ABOUT THE GLOBAL GRIDIRON: The Global Gridiron is a proposed sporting league featuring the game of American Football formed to showcase teams from around the world playing in a competitive and professional environment. The first phase of the project will launch in 2020 after an intense round of funding via MP3 music downloads.

This page will track the progress of song sales until early 2020. When the benchmark number of song sales has been achieved the next step on the journey to the field will be able to begin promptly.

MEDIA COVERAGE REQUESTED: This project will really take off once the media picks up our story. If you can help with interviews and feature coverage by all means please get in touch with us >>> Contact the Global Gridiron

BUY A SONG - FUND THE DREAM! All sales from every song at the vendor links below will fund the launch of the Global Gridiron in early 2020. The emergence of a World League of American Football is only a song away - so let's kick this thing off together!

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