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Where to Get Your Fix of Alternative American Football

Now that the AAF has crumbled thanks to a disappointing and dramatic demise - and, with the XFL still months away from launching its 2.0 version - we thought we'd help point you in the direction of more alternative sources for the great game of gridiron. Please let us know if we missed any or if you have a new league in the making!

Fan Controlled Football League - It's about time the fans took control. This indoor variety of the game promises to give its adherents the power to trade, draft, call plays and much more all in real time via their cell phone. Sounds fun and technologically advanced. Just beware of gift-horse investors looking to steal your APP!

Freedom Football - With the galling failure of the AFF some observers might feel they are finally free of pesky new leagues vying for their attention. And, they'd be wrong. Formed by former NFL football players, entrepreneurs, football operations experts and more they promise to innovate the game. Now, I'm pretty sure we've all heard that one before but we'll give these guys a chance to wave their freedom flag when they debut in 2020.

Major League Football - This league already aborted a planned 2016 kickoff and have been teasing a launch ever since. Now, they are touting a promise to take the field in 2019. If they don't they'll be a bigger disappointment than the AFF and a bigger joke than the "New USFL"! Knock, knock, who's there?

Pacific Pro Football - Four teams in one state does not make for impressive start. But, what they lack in size they hope to make up for in structure by creating the first system to allow players just out of high school to turn pro. Maybe that's the way to go?

The Spring League - Blink and you'll miss it but this endeavor enters its third season in 2020. You might think having only two teams play a total of four games isn't much to get excited about. But, their players are advancing to the big leagues so it is worth watching for sure.

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