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Stepping Out in Fine American Football Fashion - Budapest Wolves

Global Gridiron founder Rockin' Rich Lynch is a musician and pro sports entrepreneur based out of Nashville, Tennessee. In a town made famous by the one called "The Man in Black", Lynch is content with breaking new ground as "that guy in football garb". To that end he promised teams that play gridiron on points around the globe that he would wear their colors while performing in town.

Rockin' Rich Lynch - a sheep in Wolves clothing - in Nashville?

"Our first enthusiastic supporter of this concept was the Budapest Wolves who play in Hungary's top circuit," Rich said from the stage at PizzaRev in Music City's midtown area on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at a live event in advance of the NFL Draft, before adding, "I wanted to create a performance look that would help me separate from the pack of Nashville hopefuls but I still ended up running with the Wolves."

The Budapest Wolves are an American football team from Budapest, Hungary. Established in 2004, the Wolves have emerged as one best organized and most successful American football teams in Hungary. Today, they stand at the head of the class in the Hungarian American Football League and are currently that federation's reigning champions.

ABOUT THE GLOBAL GRIDIRON: The Global Gridiron monitors the growth of American Football around the world and exists to create strong ties with teams and organizations around the globe who work in the field of the great game. We are still seeking team and league apparel donations that we will wear around town, on stage and in many upcoming scheduled American Football themed photo shoots. Our founder has recently pledged to form a true International League of American Football League to be initially funded solely through the sale of MP3 music - read more!

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