Your Global Gridiron founder Rockin' Rich Lynch is also an internationally recognized singer and songwriter who regularly performs shows in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. So many of his friends from the world of American Football send him apparel to wear on stage and this page documents that fact via a virtual American Football themed fashion show. Please get in touch if you want to be involved and find out what and where to send at >>> here!!!

• Thanks, USFL - I was a huge fan of the original USFL. Many times over the years I actually dreamt (in my sleep) that the league returned. In, 2022 they really did and they sent me this sweet combo to prove it. Thanks for the support USFL and go Gamblers!!!

Rockin' Rich Lynch can't believe that the USFL is back!

• Thanks, Nauheim Wildboys - Things sometimes get a little wild on stage as they did during this afternoon show at Bobby's Idle Hour in Nashville. But, I couldn't have felt more fashionable while performing in my matching hat and shirt from the great German team - The WildBoys Nauheim! Danke!!!

Rockin' Rich Lynch appreciates the support from The WildBoys Nauheim.

• Thanks, Music City Blitz - Always up to help support a great cause, Rockin' Rich received this shirt when he volunteered to help do some promotion work for the annual flag football tournament held by Special Olympics TN at Nissan Stadium. Now, he is getting back to doing his own promotional blitz on his emerging and newsworthy career.

Rockin' Rich Lynch dodges the axe at Bad Axe Throwing in Nashville.

• Thanks, Northern Colorado Nightmare - While Rockin' Rich's music career has had its share of Nightmare moments, performing on stage in this stunning hat and shirt set at Nashville's Copper Branch in the shadow of the Ryman Auditorium was nothing short of a dream come true.

Rockin' Rich Lynch plays a set at Nashville's Copper Branch.

• Thanks, Salina Liberty - Rockin' Rich pens a number of liberty themed songs so he had no problem at all parading around in the red, white and blue colors courtesy of the finest indoor squad to ever play in the great state of Kansas!

Rockin' Rich Lynch show off his Salina Liberty threads in downtown Nashville.

• Thanks, Papua New Guinea American Football Federation - Did you know that deep in the faraway corners of the globe - in the land of mystery and beauty known as Papua New Guinea - that American football is getting ready to kickoff under the guidance of the PNG American Football Federation??? Well, it really and truly is and here your Global Gridiron founder and advocate of international American football Rockin' Rich Lynch can prove it by showing off their sweet new threads and logo. Rich says, "These two shirts sent to me by the PNG AFF are the most comfortable and pleasing apparel we have received to date. I wish I had a dozen more as I would wear them all the time. If the quality of play on the field is equal to these shirts then look out world - PNG will be a gridiron force to be reckoned with!!!"

Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch wears the amazingly comfortable mesh sports shirt sent to him by the PNG AFF.

• Thanks, AMARILLO VENOM - Nothing stings better than a well played Gibson guitar. Earlier in the year the CEO of Gibson Brands took notice of Rich's plan to only wear apparel related to American Football teams when the pair posed for this photo in Nashville at the company's brand new flagship retail store called the Gibson Garage.

Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch and Gibson's James "JC" Curleigh.

• Thanks, MASSACHUSETTS PIRATES - Like any musician worth their salt, Rockin' Rich Lynch has dreams of sailing the high seas on his way to rock stardom - always in search of the #1 single and top of the charts designation. That's why he was more than pleased when the class of the Indoor Football League and the 2021 Champions of that impressive circuit sent him a sweet pirate themed hat and jersey combo. Rich is seen here on stage at the Pickin' On The Piney Music Festival last fall and you can be sure he was talking like a Pirate for much of the day!!!

Arrr, matey... take a listen to Rockin' Rich Lynch today!

• Thanks, DUKE CITY GLADIATORS - Rockin' Rich Lynch would love nothing better than to rock out in Albuquerque, New Mexico on his upcoming trip to the step that will no doubt include an overnight stop in Roswell to pear up at the stars. Until then, he will dream of that day every time he wears the clothing sent to him by the great gladiators of the Indoor Football League. Surely, Tom Petty approves!

Rockin' Rich Lynch makes music that has drawn comparisons to Tom Petty.

• Thanks, North Louisiana Football Alliance - As a musician, sometimes you have to reevaluate your career to realize where you are going. To that end, we tip our hat to the North Louisiana Football Alliance who have recently announced that they are reverting back to their original format as a centrally owned and operated organization. The NLFA hopes to continue to make strides and diligently move forward while entering into their 3rd season and the believe this decision will make them stronger in the long run.

Standing on the tarmac in Nashville, Rockin' Rich Lynch is ready to fly with the NFLA!

• Thanks, BUDAPEST WOLVES - Recently, the class of the Hungarian Football League sent us not one, not two but three matching combo outfits to wear on stage during live performances in Nashville and beyond. This effort on their part really helped us kick off our fashion show and new onstage look. It also gave me a new one-liner when I play "Jesus Rock" allowing me to say "I'm a sheep in wolves clothing"... LOL. Thanks, guys - keep that winning streak going!

Rockin' Rich Lynch on stage at the Commodore Grille.

• Thanks, CLUTCH THINKING - We had the pleasure of interacting with Ron Banda - a former quarterback for the Elite Football League of India. As an athlete he learned all about the necessity of having comfortable apparel available for practice and play. So, he came up with his own fabric and designs that are sure to be a hit around the world. We wore it out and it turned a lot of heads. We just hope he'll send us some more soon!!!

Rockin' Rich Lynch on stage at the 404 Bar and Grill.

• Thanks, FARGO INVADERS - Global Gridiron founder Rockin' Rich Lynch makes music that he hopes will invade the hearts and minds of his fans. So, it was a match made in heaven when this fine organization from North Dakota sent him some threads to wear on stage for his recent appearance at the 404 Bar and Grille in Nashville!

Rockin' Rich Lynch on stage at the 404 Bar and Grill.

• Thanks, INGLEWOOD BLACKHAWKS - East Nashville has its own "Inglewood" section of town so it will be with great pride that we will represent our sister city of Inglewood, California next time I grace the stages of the hippest part of town where so much of our musical talent resides.

Rockin' Rich Lynch at home in Nashville, Tennessee.

• Thanks, JAAFA (Jamaica American Football Association) - Hey mon! No one looked cooler at the NFL Draft in Nashville in Tennessee back in 2019 that Rockin' Rich Lynch did. Certainly, no one else was repping the logo of Jamaican gridirion aspirations so that made his presence singular and unique. He didn't even care that he looked a little like Jerry Seinfeld in a puffy shirt - wearing it put him in a mellow frame of mind!

Rockin' Rich Lynch at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashivlle.

• Thanks, KANSAS CITY REAPERS - Rockin' Rich Lynch has the whole world in his hands as he looks to reap unprecedented success in Music City with the help of his recently acquired Kansas City Reapers t-shirt!

Rockin' Rich Lynch at Nashville's Bicentennial Park.

• Thanks, Nashville Kats - I was always intrigued by the Arena Football League and had the pleasure of attending some games. But, I wasn't in Nashville when the Kats had their five year run on the shrunken field in Music City. So, when a friend offered up a vintage jersey to perform in I said, "absolutely". Because, the original "Nashville Cats" were the elite players in their days and, now, Rockin' Rich is aiming to make a name for himself in this musical town, too.

Rockin' Rich Lynch on stage at the 404 Bar and Grill.

• Thanks, Tampa Bay Vipers - We were so excited when the XFL returned with a re-imagined brand of football after a nineteen year absence. Our joy was short-lived as was the XFL 2.0 season. But, at least we got to wear this combo out on stage a few times. Here's hoping that The Rock can build it back up on a strong foundation.

Rockin' Rich Lynch on stage at the 404 Bar and Grill.


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