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The Arena Football League Is History in Nashville

Former NFL and USFL executive Jim Foster had a quirky idea that bordered on obsession. He wanted to play gridiron football in vacant arenas during the off-season for the NHL and NBA. His visionary plan launched in 1987 and quickly became little more than fodder for late night television talk show hosts. But, Foster was persistent and eventually the "50 Yard War on the Floor" found an impressive fan base.

The Arena Football League was once as cool as a Kat.

The league eventually peaked in the early 2000's with rampant expansion and the creation of a whole second tier of competition known as the af2. But, player disputes and a short-sighted canceled season began a long, slow decline for the league that helped spawned many other rival circuits who also played the indoor variety. After what was perceived as a brave and valiant effort a new version of the Arena Football League finally called it quits in 2019 following issues with insurance liability creditors. Thus, the doors finally closed after thirty-two years of a sometimes highly entertaining version of American Football.

On a recent visit to the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame we couldn't help but notice that Nashville's own Kats have been regulated to nothing more than a museum exhibit that helped highlight the sad fact that in 2020 - the Arena Football League is now nothing more than a footnote in history.

The Arena Football League now is nothing more than a museum exhibit in Nashville.


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