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"American Football" Fans Speak Out - Richard Lynch of SAINT

It was an extreme honor to speak with Richard Lynch - the legendary bass player, lyricist and longtime leader of the world renowned heavy metal band SAINT. In an interview that entertains the deep theme of sports rivalry as epitomized by two titans from the AFC West - the Chiefs and the Raiders, Lynch also cites the importance of band as brand in a captivating conversation with his namesake "Rockin' Rich Lynch" - the founder of the Global Gridiron. Like a good franchise, and as his own chief brand ambassador, Lynch also shares the news about the latest entries to their famed line of offerings.

The legendary Richard Lynch - second from left - remains the driving force of the spirited Saint.

GG: In the absence of sports, what have you been doing to keep your self busy in these unprecedented times?

RL: I am fortunate to have been working the whole time during the shut down. But not everyone in Saint has been so lucky. The good news is that were about 2 songs short of a new LP.

GG: What type of American Football fan are you?

RL: I pretty much like all the teams but am a KC Chiefs fan. There is only one bad team - The Raiders.

GG: I would have pegged you for a Saints fan... LOL!

RL: Yeah, the first year I was with my wife she bought me a Saints sweat shirt thinking the same thing. #TheChiefs!

GG: What is the most amazing memory you have from watching football or attending a game live in person?

RL: Watching The Chiefs beat The Raiders is always a good time. But, watching The Chiefs win the Super Bowl is amazing.

GG: Have you ever supported any of the alternative leagues or different versions of the game that have emerged through the years?

RL: I like football, but it can use up half the day so other than watching maybe one game. I really don't have time for other sports.

GG: It has always seemed to me that tackle football lagged behind the other sports in establishing a global presence. Have you followed the game at all beyond the borders of the U.S.A.?

RL: No.

GG: You have just driven the ball down field and cross the goal in dramatic fashion to win your League Championship as time ticks off the clock. What are you going to do now?

RL: This would be the only time in football to legitimately take a knee and run out the clock.

GG: Are you looking forward to the return of the game?

RL: Seeing how my team are the champs right now, no! I mean there's always that super small chance they could lose to The Raiders.

GG: SAINT was hailed early on for being the class of Christian heavy metal music. How has your sound and mission evolved over time?

RL: Over time our productions have become more polished, and different players help to evolve the sound and style. But, we always try to stay true to our brand.

GG: The new record is provocatively called "The Calf" with a meaty message within. What's the story behind the title track?

RL: This is where religion and righteousness meet. In a nut shell this - Luke 18:11 "The Pharisee stood and was praying this to himself: 'God, I thank You that I am not like other people: swindlers, unjust, adulterers, or even like this tax collector." Looking to anything other than God is nothing more than a golden calf.

GG: It's exciting to see SAINT back so strong with a round a special re-releases on the way. I'm loving all the vinyl re-configurations I'm seeing. Are you pleased with the response to them so far?

RL: It's pretty cool to see vinyl make it's way back. I love the packaging of an LP. They are however very expensive to manufacture, but they do sell rather well.

"The Calf" is a weighty return for the heavenly heavy metalers.


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