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Nashville Musician Rockin' Rich Lynch Kicks Off Performance Career Wearing Only Fashionable American Football Related Apparel

The NFL Draft landed in Nashville, Tennessee in March of 2019 and the much celebrated festival atmosphere that showcased the great game of American Football on a global stage made a lasting impression on at least one Music City musician. Rockin' Rich Lynch ( - a prolific songwriter and fan of all things gridirion -- came away so inspired by the awe-inducing merging of sports and music in Nashville that he decided to kick off his performance career right then and there by playing all future live shows wearing only clothing that promotes the spectacular sport in all its forms.

Supporting the Budapest Wolves of the Hungarian American Football League in Nashville.

"Like a well-managed attack in between the hash marks - it's important to have a plan," Lynch enthused when describing the reasoning behind his fashionable decision to showcase teams from around the world while playing live on stage. "I believe having a theme and unified look gives me a working advantage when I take the stage in this particularly competitive town. First off - it helps my fans more easily recognize me while providing myself with a satisfying level of comfort every time the spotlight goes on."

So far, Lynch has acquired apparel from teams and organizations around the world in Eastern Europe, Jamaica, India and the United States who represent the sport at either a professional, club or amateur level while playing on collegiate, outdoor and indoor fields.

"I love all varieties of American Football," Lynch remarked. "The game literally comes in all shapes and sizes and the two most memorable matches I ever watched in person include the 1996 CFL Grey Cup and a record-setting, high-scoring 1997 battle in the Arena League that featured the New Jersey Red Dogs terrorizing the Texas Terror 91-62 in an offensive slaughter at the Meadowlands."

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"I think sports and music definitely have a connection, especially in these times when both endeavors have been severely hampered by the global pandemic," Lynch surmised. "For me, I am determined to put my best foot forward and come away victorious every time I play live - winning new fans while raising the profile of perhaps some lesser known American Football teams and leagues along the way."

Rockin' Rich Lynch wears only American Football related fashion while performing at his gigs.

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