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Grey Cup Champion Drew William Is a Blue Bomber and a Truth Bomber as New Music Career Kicks Off with "Every Body"

There are some similarities in the pursuit of musical passion and success on the gridiron. First, you are probably reading playbooks or chord charts. Second, practice makes perfect in either endeavor. Now, Winnipeg Bluebomber wide receiver Drew Wolitarsky is proving that you can excel at both by taking a bold step forward in his music career with the release of his brand new single called "Every Body" out everywhere on December 23.

Adopting the moniker Drew William for his musical output the talented athlete is putting his hands to work on guitar and hoping to make a winning connection with fans from all over the globe. Like the game he plays north of the border his music might be perceived as unorthodox and of a more serious nature than the standard pop and rock fare found on the radio these days. But, that's understandable and quite forgivable as the current song addresses some serious issues and provides a springboard for contemplation that is much needed in these strange and difficult days.

"Lyrics come from memory, from emotion, and sometimes from something outside of myself," Drew says. "Every Body" seemed appropriate due to the current climates (in all terms) of the world. It is a kind of song to reflect on, to look at our lives and make sure that what we are doing is what's not only best for us but for others and the world that connects us."

Drew William also known in the CFL Football world by his full name, Drew Wolitarksy, dived headfirst into music after his football career as a wide receiver for the Winnipeg Bluebombers was put on hold due to COVID-19. While he was playing football, Drew played in restaurants and coffee shops-events that may seem unreal nowadays. He has been writing his entire life and with his newfound love for music, his creations have taken on a livelier body.

"I like to think my music is full of changes: speeds, sounds, lyrics. I look at music like I look at life, as a moving piece of emotion, of highs and lows, of learnings and unlearnings," he says.

The acoustic heavy track is meaningful and insightful. By clocking in at 4 minutes and fifty seconds the playing surface is expansive like the turf at IG Field. But, that's okay. You'd expect a wide receiver to go long and deep and that's what he does on this daunting debut that seeks to find some unifying ideals for humanity to follow in a deeply fractured world.

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