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Rich Lynch's 'Greetings from the Global Gridiron' - A Look Back at the NFL Draft in Nashville

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Now that the NFL is back to holding their annual draft in front of real live audiences I have to peer over my shoulder to 48 months ago in Music City for a momentous memory that I will never forget. Sure - Cleveland gets to experience much of the reduced capacity mayhem in 2021 and Covid ruined the grand plans that Las Vegas had for 2020. But, none of them will ever beat the experience that Nashville, Tennessee had in 2019 when the big league delivered an American football festival like no other.

Rockin' Rich Lynch represents Jamaican American Football in Nashville.

It is estimated that on Draft Day number 1 that 300,000 football fanatics lined lower Broad in Downtown Nashville as far as the eye could see. Musician and football fan Rockin' Rich Lynch ( was there - on site as a media representative for a local publication - wearing his newly acquired football jersey sent to him by the good folks from - of all places - the Jamaica American Football Association. That's when the light went off in the musician's head that the game has truly gone global and he realized that he wanted to be a part of it's growth.

"I realized that in order to compete in this town on a musical stage you need to have a signature look," Lynch recalled. "There is enough cowboy hat and boot wearing guitar players in Nashville. But, not many that wear exclusively American Football related apparel.

Lynch started reaching out to teams around the world requesting a matching hat and shirt to solidify his own patented performance look.

300,000 fans pack into Lower Broad in Nashville.

"It has worked out really well," Lynch enthused. "I can't wait to see what shows up next and my fans are always surprised by the new and mostly unfamiliar logos."

That's because most of the participating teams and leagues are lesser known and come from the ranks of indoor, semi-pro and international circuits.

"But, that makes it fun," Rich added. "I support them and they help me with many owners having gone on to become my friends and fans. Also, often the team names are spurring me to write new music based on the monikers printed on the clothing we receive."

You can help, too! American football-related teams, leagues, and organizations can support my efforts as we perform on Nashville's stages and prepare for an upcoming National Tour by donating a hat and shirt to the cause.

Please send the following apparel to:

• A Large Adult Shirt in any style (t-shirt, jersey, polo), and
• A matching baseball-style hat that I can wear on stage during appearances.

Mailing Address Here!

Kyler Murray minutes after being picked #1 in the 2019 NFL Draft.

"The Nashville NFL Draft was one of the greatest four days of my life," Lynch remembered. "The National Football League proved why they are at the top of the Gridiron food chain - and, speaking of food - one of the best parts was the many meals they served us from within the temporary headquarters they assembled for the press, media and their players on the Cumberland River."

"That year's #1 Draft pick Kyler Murray is surpassing expectations and is emerging as a star in the league," Lynch observed. "I'm sure he will always have fond memories of our little big town and his success unequivocally proved that Music City makes football and music dreams come true again and again."

Stay tuned for more updates from the Global Gridiron!

The stage and media tent constructed for the NFL Draft in Nashville.

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