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Is Papua New Guinea the Final Frontier for American Football?

by Rich and Laura Lynch

Here at the offices of the Global Gridiron we have watched with fascination as the great game of American Football has finally taken root around the world beyond its United States stronghold. Why it has taken so long to branch beyond the borders of the continental U.S. is due to many factors including the high cost to undertake the complex and difficult to understand sport. But, even in our wildest dreams and hopes for the game's expansion we never really imagined that a league would spring up all the way on the other side of the globe at one of the planet's true remaining points of mystery and myth - Papua New Guinea.

Mr. Timothy Jim - Founder and President of the Papua New Guinea American Football Federation.

Thanks to the disappearance of a Rockefeller heir and the work of Robert Ripley we have all heard the stories of cannibals and skull shrinking taking place deep within the jungles of the remote island nation. Now, however, forward thinking members of the community looking to leap into the modern era are ready to put the focus on the foot rather than the head and that is where Mr. Timothy Jim - the Founder and President of the Papua New Guinea American Football Federation steps into the picture.

Jim learned the game while playing in the PAFL (Philippines American Football League) as a university student. When moving back to the PNG he was determined to teach the sport to his people with several community centered goals including the encouragement of good clean sportsmanship while imparting a strong code of ethics through the discipline of American Football.

Jim has already received great interest from the football hotbed of Texas when earlier in the year HISPRINT Ministries based in Houston delivered two large containers of football equipment including helmets, balls, pads and shoes that will immediately be put to use in developing the nation's first professional circuit called the K League.

Another early supporter of the PNG-AFF stateside is Global Giridiron's own founder Rockin' Rich Lynch - a Nashville, Tennessee based musician who has promised to promote the league by wearing their colorful and fashionable apparel when he performs on stage. Lynch just received a nice care package from the league who have recently rolled out a sweet line of schwag while also significantly revamping their online presence with a sleek website launch at

One of the ideas Lynch suggested to the league founders was the creation of an exchange program with American universities to study PNG's unique biology, flora and fauna while receiving hands on training from Division 1 football alumni. Universities interested in establishing a partnership with Jim should reach out to discuss the possibilities.

"That would be an absolutely massive honor to have former college and pro footballers visit us and develop our young talent to become players," Jim enthused, proud of the skill set he has already seen on display during several flag football tournaments he has produced. "The qualities that the PNG players will bring will be pretty intense. The players here are born with rugby - one of the most brutal and physical sports on the planet. That same intensity will be brought to the football field. PNG boys love to hard hit. American football will be so fun for them."

Nashville's Rockin' Rich Lynch is one of the first diehard supporters of the PNG AFF.

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