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The USFL Will Be Born Again on Easter Weekend in Birmingham

by Rich and Laura Lynch

The concept of resurrecting dead and defunct teams and leagues is rare but not a wholly unheard of phenomenon in the world of professional sports - think ABA 2000, the Arena League, and franchises from the old NASL and WLAF that have made notable returns in recent years. But, perhaps the most miraculous case of rebooting a once cherished institution is set to take place in Birmingham, Alabama on Easter Weekend 2022 when eight original franchises that were once a part of the United States Football League put boot to ball as the USFL 2.0 kicks off to live once again.

We've waited 37 years for its return. What's another week??? LOL.

To underscore just how momentous and unprecedented this amazing feat of football heroics will be - the league's owner Fox Sports and their NBC broadcasting partner will showcase and simulcast the first game between the hometown Birmingham Stallions and the visiting New Jersey Generals in front of a captive national audience on Saturday, April 16, 2022 to mark the first time a dual airing like this has occurred since Super Bowl I in 1967.

Now, I won't go into the details of the who, what, where, when, why and how this formerly respected football league is taking to the field 37 years after its last taste of gridiron glory. That information is out there on the League's website and posted on thousands of news sites and fan blogs that have sprung up since the announcement of their proposed re-launch last June.

What I will say is that it looks like Fox Sports and their partner host hub city of Birmingham have done everything right in terms of throwing enough money, talent and technology behind this effort to ensure the new USFL will not suffer the famous "one and done (if they're lucky)" scenario many other spring leagues have faced citing the AAF, XFL 1.0 and 2.0 as notorious failed attempts since 2001.

Clips that have emerged from pre-season show a glimpse behind the scenes where helmet cams, drones and laser like accuracy promise this to be a football viewing experience unlike any other fans have seen yet to date. And that should be enough to build brand loyalty.

Speaking of loyalty - the league and Fox Sports just sent amazing USFL team and league logo emblazoned Easter baskets to their broadcast affiliates in advance of the inaugural weekend's games. I sure hope that a few of the recipients resisted the temptation to tear into the sweet and generous looking package that contained eggs with all the team names adhered to them. I mean, talk about a collector's item and valuable sports memorabilia. Someone send one of those to Canton >>> A.S.A.P.!

Now, this wouldn't be an Easter story without an evil contrarian character so our JUDAS AWARD this year goes to none other than Larry Csonka - the former Miami Dolphin and World League star who is heading up a group of executives from the former USFL that are hoping to stop the new league in its tracks. The way we see it is the former fullback - a man who obtained wealth and fame many times over through his work on the field - is being a bully and quite hypocritical in his actions that seek an injunction against the league which would in effect shut down the gridiron dreams of hundreds of players, fans and the livelihoods of the many workers behind the scenes. We pray that cooler heads will prevail so we can watch the miraculous rise of the USFL - go Generals!!!

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